Failures with Bluetooth on your PC? The latest Windows updates may be at fault

Failures with Bluetooth on your PC? The latest Windows updates may be at fault
Failures with Bluetooth on your PC? The latest Windows updates may be at fault

It is always advisable to have the latest updates on our computers. Programs and operative system updated in front of the popular saying that we have always heard that affirms that if “something is going well for what we are going to update”. And the defenders of this maxim may find justification in this news.

The problem comes hand in hand with the latest updates released by Microsoft for Windows 10. The one that arrives for Windows 10 May 2019 Update with the patch KB4503293 with the version number 18362.175 and on the other hand the one offered for Windows 10 October 2018 Update with the version number 17763.557.

Failures in the blue connection

And it seems that after installing these compilations some users are seeing as they start to fail the associated Bluetooth device . In fact, Microsoft recognizes the bug and on the support page they already report that the latest cumulative update of Windows 10 can interrupt the operation of Bluetooth devices if they are not updated.

“You may experience problems linking, connecting, or using certain Bluetooth devices after installing the security updates released on June 11, 2019. These security updates address a security vulnerability by intentionally preventing Windows connections to non-Bluetooth devices. insurance Any device that uses known keys to encrypt connections may be affected, including certain security controls. “

In these compilations are added improvements that seek to improve the security of wireless connections through this protocol. The goal is to avoid Windows connections to unsafe Bluetooth devices.

This bug can cause problems when connecting or linking the PCwith an outdated Bluetooth device. The last two versions of Windows 10 are affected and only Windows 7 escapes the problem.

It is not known how many devices are affected by the update , but apparently only a small number of devices are being affected and it is not a generalized failure.

These compilations can be downloaded by going to “Configuration> Update and Security> Windows Update”, but if you have a Bluetooth device that is not updated before we advise you to update it in terms of firmware but want to have a connection problem.