Firefox is still betting on privacy with better tracking protection and the arrival of its password manager on the desktop

Mozilla brings Firefox password management as a browser addon
Mozilla brings Firefox password management as a browser addon

Mozilla has long taken privacy as a particularly prominent and important feature of its products, with Firefox at the helm. And the navigator, once the king of kings, continues to update himself by putting it above everything else.

“Last year, we saw technology companies talk about a great game about privacy, as they are realizing that, after several global scandals, people feel increasingly vulnerable, it is unfortunate that this change has It had to happen for technology companies to notice, in Firefox, we’re doing more than that, we believe that to truly protect people, we need to set a new standard that puts people’s privacy first. “

And what they are doing more, according to Dave Camp, senior vice president of Firefox, can be summarized in today’s releases, perfectly explained by the company. Thanks to them, Firefox users will improve their fight against advertiser traces, against the Facebook trail of the web activity, they will improve in the warnings about Firefox Monitor data violations and also in the custody of the passwords with the emancipation to the Lockbox desktop, which will now be known as Lockwise.

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Firefox against crawling

Mozilla announced today that improved tracking protection will mean that users downloading and installing Firefox for the first time will have automatic protection enabled against tracking, since this feature will be part of the standard configuration and default browser, blocking in addition the cookies of third – party tracking.

For current users of Firefox, from Mozilla ensure that improved tracking protection will be implemented by default in the coming months without having to change anything, they explain.

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In the next few months, Firefox will implement enhanced tracking protection by default to all current users. However, if we can not wait for this to happen, we can activate this function by clicking on the menu icon marked with three horizontal lines at the top right of the browser and then on Content Blocking. In privacy preferences we can mark what we want to block, such as trackers or cookies, among others.

The company responsible for Firefox has also launched today an update of Facebook Container, the extension that prevents the tracking that Facebook can carry out of the activity in the network of users. The news is based on additional protection that prevents the monitoring of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network in sites that have embedded Facbeook features, such as the Share or Likebuttons.

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Firefox Lockwise, the new Mozilla desktop password manager

If almost a year ago Firefox Lockbox for iOS was announced and this March Firefox Lockbox for Android was presented as an optimized version for iPad with the aim of expanding this ecosystem, now we know that the Mozilla password manager is emancipated to install itself on the desktop as a complement to the browser and with the name of Firefox Lockwise.

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The objective of Firefox Lockwise, expose its responsible, is to give “more control over the stored passwords with shared access from any device”. Offer an additional access door through which it is easy to store, edit and access our different keys, while providing a seamless integrated experience when moving from the mobile device to the desktop.

Therefore, Firefox Lockwise is now available for both iOS and Android and for the desktop through the Firefox add-on.

News for Firefox Monitor

When it comes to protecting the privacy of users, Mozilla has not missed the opportunity to improve Firefox Monitor, the free service that notifies users when their email address is part of a data breach. As revealed, more than 635,000 people already use it to receive alerts.

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The Firefox Monitor control panel will allow you to see at a glance, in a quick summary, the status of the different email accounts. The novelties of this service is that it incorporates, in response to a frequent request from users, a control panel from which to easily manage several email accounts to monitor. A great news for those who monitor both their personal accounts and email accounts of their company.

The Firefox Monitor control panel will allow you to see at a glance, in a quick summary, the status of the different email accounts present in the system. For example, we can see how many breaches may have exposed data related to those addresses and how many of those security failures passwords may have been leaked.

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