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For what reasons Facebook can block or delete your account permanently

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Kamal Saini
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Mark Zuckerberg’s platform has community standards that users must adhere to

On the last day Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has shown that his power on social media is such that he has been able to even “silence” the president of the United States, Donald Trump, by blocking his account for violating community of the platform.

Although Twitter, which does not belong to Zuckerberg’s conglomerate, also made the decision to block his account, the force that Facebook has had in this situation has drawn particular attention.

Therefore, there has been concern among netizens which are these community rules that were enough reason to block one of the most powerful presidents in the world.

Why does Facebook delete content?

The social network implemented a series of community rules so that there is a harmony among users, avoiding violence, abuse, adult content, among other things far from a healthy coexistence.

However, this has given Facebook the power to eliminate content that falls outside its parameters, having great control of what happens on its platform.

What posts violate the rules?

According to the social network, the first point that would be violating the peace of the community is violence or incitement of the same, for this reason, they point out that they strive to avoid “damage that may be related to the content displayed on Facebook.”

In this sense, it indicates that organizations or people who commit violent acts or whose objective is violent are prohibited, as is the case, among others, of the following activities:

– Terrorist activity.

– Incitement to hatred.

– Mass (including attempted murder) or serial killings.

– Human trafficking.

– Incitement to violence or criminal activities.

It also removes content that supports or praises groups, leaders, or individuals involved in such activities.

The Zuckerberg platform is also prohibited, in order to prevent real-life damage, for its users to “facilitate, organize or promote certain criminal or harmful activities aimed at individuals, companies, property or animals, or to disseminate claims in which they admit the commission of such activities”. However, it does allow the defence or debate of such activities.

On the other hand, it prevents them from buying, selling or exchanging drugs and marijuana; medicines that require a prescription; firearms, including their parts or ammunition, considering the restrictions each region has on each topic.

Finally, it eliminates content whose intention is to deceive or make wrong presentations that scam or exploit other people to obtain money or property, or in other words, block publications that could be related to fraud.

When can Facebook block or delete my account?

Arguing the authenticity is one of the cornerstones of the community, Facebook notes that they require people to use the name they normally occupy to maintain a safe environment, so they will eliminate those profiles that don’t meet comply.

“We eliminate accounts that harm the community, including those that compromise the security of other accounts and our services.”

However, they point out that, prior to elimination, they may apply sanctions to users so that they are aware that they are in breach of Community rules.

“Since account-level elimination is rigorous action, whenever we can, we offer our community the opportunity to learn our rules and respect our Community Standards. We design penalties, including disabling accounts, that correspond to the severity of the violation and the risk of harm to the community. We will disable accounts that repeatedly commit violations, despite repeated warnings or restrictions, or breaches that pose a serious security risk,” he says.

In this way, if Facebook considers that its community rules are being violated, it may reserve the right to delete publications, send sanctions to the user or delete the account.

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