Formula E, the security expert says: protecting data is essential

Formula E, the security expert says:

In Formula E compared to Formula 1, it is not possible to access the car data during the race, but only when it is in the pits. Analyzing information securely to gain a strategic advantage, especially with a predictive value, in races with a large number of variables, is an aspect of these competitions based on technology that plays a central role. Artificial intelligence, in particular, the machine learning applied to motorsport then become a strategic advantage.

Serguei Beloussov, CEO and founder of the IT security giant Acronis that boasts 5 million users and 500,000 companies as customers and partner of the Ds Techeetah team explain more on this topic.

” In this context the new aspect concerns the work we do with the data and the fact that we are dealing with hardware that generates information that must be protected and used in a strategic and predictive manner , for example to prevent damage or to respond in real time to threats “, says Serguei, referring for example to the possibility of avoiding excessive battery consumption and always getting the maximum power available during the race.

” One of the best ways to protect data by reducing costs is to take value from them, that’s what happens to us in Formula E. We learn to manage data analytics and data management and then use them in our business or for our customers by developing special tools “The CEO continues. Also from this point of view, not only as regards the electric motor and the single-seaters, Formula E is a perfect area for experimentation.

Beloussov testifies: “Anyone who steals or copies data now, compared to the past, also has more ease in analyzing it and gaining value from it, even if it is a large amount of information and does not know the content. At the moment, for a Formula E team, the greatest risk is the loss of information rather than theft or copy. In fact, many important companies are involved in this environment, just think of car manufacturers, a scandal of this kind would be fatal ”.

With the advent of the connected car and, in the future, of the self-driving car, the safety of car-related technology is an increasingly important aspect in everyday life, not only for sports racing.

“We work in a stable way with the car industry which currently accounts for 35% of our revenues, there are many applications and with self driving cars there will be even more,” says Serguei who demonstrates with his team also anticipate possible new needs on this front: “Data accuracy will also be important. For example, in the event of an accident with a self-driving car where there is not a person reporting what happened. In this case the digital data must not be modified by anyone, it will represent a fundamental information to reconstruct the incident and determine the responsibilities. Even the aspect of privacy will be important because the self-driving car uses a large number of cameras, capable of shooting everything, useful data for navigation, but also very delicate and should be considered as such and protected ”.

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