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Google praise ‘Sign in with Apple’, say it is “better for the Internet”

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Kamal Saini
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It was one of the surprises of the previous WWDC19, the new functionality of Apple so that apps allow users to log in through iCloud in a more private way. No doubt a big step in terms of privacy is referred by Apple, but what they think of Google (one of its main competitors in this regard). It seems that nothing bad.

Better these logins than mail and password

A responsible of Google and in charge of the logins offered by the company, has commented to The Verge that it is always better for users to use some kind of login button instead of separate credentials for each application. On the ‘Sign in with Apple’ commented the following:

“Honestly, I think this technology will be better for the Internet and it will make people much more secure, even if they click on the button of our competitors when they are [creating an account].” Use this to log in to the sites that’s a lot better than writing a custom username and password, or more commonly, a recycled username and password. “

In fact, it is not without reason that Mark Risher, the person in charge of Google, it becomes better for the privacy of the user to use a login system with extra steps of security than to use a password and an individual mail. And it’s even better if that system uses unique and private emails for each app, which is what ‘Sign in with Apple’ promises.

Of course, there are even safer and recommended options. For example, use a password manager that allows you to easily add unique and complex passwordsto each login. As with everything, it will depend on the effort that each user wants to protect their privacy.

Another interesting detail of the Apple system is that in addition to using unique emails that allows to revoke permissions to each app in a sharp way… it uses Face ID and Touch ID. It seems silly, but that the user has an account created by only authenticating by Face ID brings much more convenience than logging in Google / Facebook and give permission to the new app. We’ll see how it works when developers start implementing it.

Via | The Verge

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