Google redesigns the SERPs on mobile devices

A new format for advertising on Google's mobile results pages: the rollout phase begins.

Google redesigns the SERPs on mobile devices
Google redesigns the SERPs on mobile devices

The mobile version of Google (intended as a search engine ) is constantly evolving. To the news announced just a few weeks ago in conjunction with the 2019 I / O, concerning among other things the inclusion of AR functionality, is added today a new advertising format.

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Google, new layout for mobile SERPs

In the attached screenshot below you can preview the new label associated with the advertisements shown at the top of the SERPs, before the link at the top of the page. They are marked with the Ad icon  side by  side with the URL of the sponsored site, reported in extended form. Their introduction is therefore official, following a test phase lasting a few months and which, apparently, has provided positive feedback: most users stated that they found it easier to identify the sites and over two thirds of them have stated that they prefer this way of constructing results due to greater ease in scrolling through the links.

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Looking for a product or service, when we have a useful listing to show, you will see the bold Ad label at the top of the card, next to the relevant web address, so that you can quickly identify where the information comes from.

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More below than the insertion it is possible to see also the favicon  associated with the organic results, which allows to identify with a single glance the identity of the brand or the indexed site. Webmasters wishing to make the most of this opportunity can refer to the official support pages  for information on the steps to follow.

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The new design for  Google’s mobile search will be rolled out in the coming days. More news will arrive later, as anticipated by the bigG post announcing today’s one. The goal for the Mountain View group is, as always, to find the right balance between the need to show useful information to those who surf and reserve a space of SERPs for advertising content, which still for the parent company Alphabet is the main source of revenue.

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