Greta Thunberg refused the Nordic Council Environmental Prize

    Greta Thunberg refused the Nordic Council Environmental Prize
    Photo by Lucas Jackson / REUTERS

    Swedish schoolgirl and environmental activist Greta Tunberg refused to accept the Nordic Council Award in the field of environmental protection. The activist said this on her Instagram page.

    “The climate movement needs no rewards. We need politicians and people in power to start listening to modern science, ”wrote Thunberg, thanking the Nordic Council for the“ great honour” rendered.

    The prize of the inter-parliamentary organization of the countries of northern Europe was presented in Stockholm on October 29. Each year, the Nordic Council awards for achievements in the field of literature, cinema, music and ecology. Norway and Sweden nominated for the Tunberg Prize. The size of the award in each nomination is $ 52,000.

    Greta Tunberg gained fame after a strike at the parliament building in Stockholm. She stated that she would not go to school on Fridays until politicians heed her and began to scrupulously implement the Paris Climate Agreement. For this, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    On September 23, Thunberg spoke in New York at the opening of the UN Climate Change Summit with an emotional speech, which accused politicians of inaction. She demanded that world leaders urgently take measures to prevent an environmental catastrophe. In New York, Thunberg sailed from Europe on a sailing yacht. She refused to fly a plane to reduce the environmental impact. Her performance caused a wide public outcry.