IPhone XR 2 is revealed: how will the low-cost smartphone Apple

IPhone Xr 2 is revealed: how will the low-cost smartphone Apple
IPhone Xr 2 is revealed: how will the low-cost smartphone Apple

New rumours on the Apple iPhone XR 2, a name absolutely still to be confirmed for the second version of the iPhone XR. In other words, Apple’s best-selling smartphone in the USA in recent months, the only model that is holding up well to the crisis in iPhone sales, which is creating serious problems for the Cupertino company.

According to the well-known, and usually reliable, Japanese blog Mac Otakara an update of the Xr will arrive shortly which will bring interesting news, some of which are inherited from the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. However, these rumours come up against a big doubt: if the iPhone Xr2 will really be such a good smartphone, compared to the price it should have, who will ever buy the future high-end iPhone XI? A doubt not just, given that other rumours speak of a very likely price increase, compared to current levels, for the top of the range that will be presented during 2019.

How will the iPhone XR 2 be?

Already today the Xr is a great compromise between price (for an iPhone, of course), technical features and performance. The future iPhone Xr2 will be even better thanks to the dual rear camera: in fact, Apple should add a second telephoto lens to the main camera, similar to the one already seen on the iPhone XS and XS Max. Therefore, the design of the rear photographic group should be similar if not identical to that of the older brothers: two objectives placed vertically, with the LED flash in the middle. Also according to Mac Otakara, the next version of the iPhone XR will also have fast recharging at 18 Watts, with a USB-C to Lightning adapter. There should not be, on the other hand, wireless charging or the third rear camera which, in practice, would become the distinctive element of the future iPhone XI generation.

iPhone XR2 or iPhone SE X?

The indiscretions made by Mac Otakara collide with two big doubts and, therefore, they must be taken with the due precautions. The first doubt is the already mentioned risk of cannibalizing the market for iPhone XI (or iPhone 11, if you prefer). The second doubt stems instead from a previous indiscretion according to which Apple is already building in India a new version of the iPhone SE, which will be called iPhone SE X or SE 2. This smartphone would also be a successor to the XR from which it would inherit many features. It is clear, however, that two similar mid-range smartphones cannot both find space in the range of one manufacturer.