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Is the truth out there? CIA declassifies hundreds of secret documents on UFOs

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Manish Saini
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After decades of secrets and hidden truths, the CIA has finally made public its entire collection of materials on UFO activity. The files can be found on The Black Vault portal that has struggled for years for documents to see the light.

The CIA claims that these files represent its entire collection of data on Unidentified Flying Objects, which are now known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). The base comprises hundreds of secret records dating back more than half a century.

The publication of more than 700 documents in PDF format, almost 3,000 pages, represents a significant victory for freedom of information on this mysterious subject. Since 1996, the portal’s founder, John Greenewald Jr, has been fighting for the publication of all records under the Freedom of Information Act.

“I was circling with them to try to do it and I finally made it. I got a big box, a couple thousand pages and had to scan them one at a time,” the ufologist said.

It is worth noting that not all files – some of which date back to the 1980s – are easily readable. Many details in the documents are redacted, while the overall quality of scans and photocopies is quite poor. Some of the records are quite difficult to read, while others are clearer.

However, those who expect the papers to finally offer proof that the US government has been hiding knowledge of some forms of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth will be disappointed, as none of the documents describes alleged contacts with aliens.

While the CIA claimed that this is a complete collection of the files on the subject, Greenewald stated on his Twitter that there is no way to “fully verify” it. Furthermore, the agency uses a “very outdated” format (TIF) for its documents, which makes it almost impossible to use search tools, the ufologist stressed.

The post quickly went viral. More than 600,000 users downloaded about 26 terabytes of data from the portal in the past 24 years, something Greenewald called “an all-time high.” The ufologist thanked everyone for “supporting his efforts.”

It is probably not the last publication of documents on unidentified aerial phenomena. In December, the 180-day countdown began for intelligence agencies to present to Congress an unclassified report on UFOs and aliens.

The document should contain a detailed analysis of data and information on phenomena collected by the FBI, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. It must also identify any threat to national security by UFOs. This stipulation is included in the comments section of the Intelligence Authorization Act commission for the fiscal year 2021, a spokesperson for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirmed to the data verification portal Snopes.

In April, the Pentagon declassified several UFO videos shot by the US military pilots between 2004-2015. 

“The Pentagon publishes these videos to dispel any false judgments from the public as to whether these images were prevalent, as well as whether there is something else in these videos,” said Defense Department spokeswoman Sue Gough.

UFOs—or UAPs—involve objects or phenomena that cannot be easily identified or otherwise explained, even by experts, but are not in themselves synonymous with (or evidence of) forms of extraterrestrial life.

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