Microsoft: Edge team confirms desire for Linux port

Thanks to the new Chromium base, Microsoft's edge browser could also run on Linux in the future. The development team has now confirmed the desire to implement. For the debate over interfaces for Adblocker, the team remains covered.

Microsoft: Edge team confirms desire for Linux port

Microsoft’s developer team has answered users’ questions during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and provided information on possible future functions. The most interesting of the discussed possible innovations is a porting of the browser to Linux systems. The fact that this is at least theoretically feasible, is due to the new Chromium-based Edge browser: Chromium runs on Linux, so this could also be implemented for Edge.

According to the AMA, there is no technical hurdle for the team to provide binaries for Linux. The developers even want to implement this “definitely” at a later date. However, much work has to be done so that the new edge browser can be distributed according to customer needs.

These include techniques such as the installer, update routines, a synchronization of user data and, ultimately, the fixing of errors. Currently, the team is fully focused on creating stable versions of the browser for both Windows and MacOS.

No decision on Adblocker debate

The new Chromium base also forces the Edge team to make a decision regarding the changes in Chromium to the opportunities for Adblocker. Chromium’s main developer, Google, had announced changes to its interface for extensions that could limit Adblocker’s role.

After big and permanent protests, Google has eased some criteria. The developers alternative browser, which are also based on Chromium, but have already announced that they do not want to accept the changes. Whether Microsoft makes this for Edge, but is also not clear after the AMA.

The team can not give a concrete opinion yet. However, Microsoft takes the strong desire of users for the use of adblocking true. The team is currently evaluating the processes surrounding the changes in Chromium and discussing this with many stakeholders, as it writes. However, it intends to keep track of a future decision as soon as it has fallen, and will also point out the privacy tools created independently in the new Edge browser.