Monte Rosa: Two young mountaineers froze to death in the Alps

    Monte Rosa: Two young mountaineers froze to death in the Alps

    Rescuers came too late: two young mountaineers froze to death in the Alps

    Two young women froze to death on a mountain tour at an altitude of more than 4000 meters. Despite early reports of missing persons, the mountain rescuers only reached the small group hours later.

    The Monte Rosa tragedy began early on Saturday evening. The two Italian mountaineers Martina Sviluppo (29) and Paola Viscardi (28) and their mountain guide Valerio Zolla (27) were surprised by the weather on their tour in the Valais Alps – the way into the valley was cut off. 

    They immediately informed the emergency call, but the rescuers were initially unable to land with the helicopter because of wind speeds of 80 km / h. Instead, they had to make their way to the group on foot.

    The mountain rescue team did not reach the two young women and their mountain guide until around 9 p.m. 

    But rescue came too late. 

    One of the two women died shortly after the helpers arrived. 

    The other young mountaineer was transported to the Mantova refuge where the doctor tried in vain to revive her. 

    Although all three wore weatherproof clothing, they were not prepared for such a drop in temperature.

    The rescue helicopter was only able to land on the so-called Vincent pyramid shortly after midnight. 

    Only the companion survived the accident. He was hypothermic and flown to a Swiss hospital with frostbite on his hand. 

    As the Italian newspaper “la Repubblica” reports, it should have felt like minus fifteen degrees outside.