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Mystery Surrounds Kramatorsk Railway Station Attack Blamed on Russia, Claimed By None

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Aakash Molpariya
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The Russian Defense Ministry dismissed Kiev’s accusations of a missile strike by Russian soldiers on the Kramatorsk railway station on April 8, citing the finding of components of a Tochka-U tactical missile deployed by the Ukrainian military at the location.

“All the claims by representatives of the Kyiv nationalist regime that Russia allegedly carried out a ‘missile attack’ on April 8 against the railway terminal in Kramatorsk are a provocation and completely have nothing to do with reality,” said Russian officials, adding “the Russian Armed Forces had no fire tasks and planned none in the town of Kramatorsk on April 8.”

The Tochka-U tactical missile, fragments of which were discovered near the Kramatorsk terminal and footage of which was recorded by eyewitnesses, is solely employed by the Ukrainian army, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“On March 14, 2022, a battalion of the Ukrainian army’s 19th separate missile brigade delivered a strike by a similar Tochka-U missile against the center of Donetsk, in which 17 people were killed and another 36 civilians were wounded,” the ministry added.

Such incidents, according to UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, are grave violations of humanitarian relief and international human rights law.

At a press conference on Friday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged those responsible for a missile strike on a railway station in Kramatorsk to be held accountable, according to UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.

“The strike on the Kramatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine today, which killed and injured scores of civilians waiting to be evacuated, including many women, children and elderly, and other attacks against civilians and on civilian infrastructure are completely unacceptable,” he stressed.

Such incidents, according to the spokesperson, are grave violations of international humanitarian and international human rights law.

“The perpetrators must be held accountable,” he asserted.

A missile struck a railway station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, on Friday, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 100 others. On the scene, Tochka-U missile fragments were discovered. Ukraine promptly blamed Russia for the event.

The Tochka-U is a modernized variant of the Soviet Tochka precision tactical missile system, which is designed to hit small targets deep under opposing defenses. It consists of a single-stage missile that is directed along its entire flight path and has a range of 15 to 120 kilometers.

Since late 2019, as claimed by the Russian army, when the final missile and artillery regiment was rearmed with Iskander tactical missile systems, the Russian Army has not employed Tochka-U missiles.

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You were reading: Mystery Surrounds Kramatorsk Railway Station Attack Blamed on Russia, Claimed By None

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