New Censorship Allegations: Again sharp criticism of Apple from US politicians

New Censorship Allegations: Again sharp criticism of Apple from US politicians
New Censorship Allegations: Again sharp criticism of Apple from US politicians

Apple’s behavior in China has once again come under the spy of US Congressmen: “It’s a shame to see one of America’s most influential companies support the aggressive censorship of the Chinese government,” said Republican US Senator Marco Rubio in one Opinion on demand from The Verge For access to the Chinese market, Apple would “close their eyes to their own complicity.” Rubio had sharply criticized Apple after the expulsion of VPN apps from the App Store China in late 2017.

Allusion to Tiananmen massacre undesirable

The comments were made in response to the disappearance of dissident artists from Apple Music in China. Even a well-known song, whose text alludes to the Tiananmen massacre, has apparently been removed. In the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the Beijing massacre, China’s leadership is again intensifying the censorship measures, it was suspected in advance.

If the reports prove true, “Apple owe a statement to the public,” another Republican-affiliated member of Congress told The Verge. Republican member of parliament Cathy McMorris Rodgers simply described the action on Twitter as “wrong”. It had been a missed opportunity for the group to work more for “freedom around the globe”.

Apple as China’s ‘censorship assistant’ already several times in the criticism

The expulsion of VPN apps in China, Apple had already brought significant criticism two years ago. Only on demand from US politicians, the company revealed that several hundred VPN apps were removed in China. Apple wants to state at the behest of thrown out apps in future in the in-house transparency report.

Apple itself has not yet commented on the disappearance of music titles from Apple Music in China. The artists’ music continues to be available through Apple Music in other countries. In response to criticism, Apple CEO Tim Cook has always pointed out that local laws must be followed – and it’s better for users to stay in the market.

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