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New Wave of Delta Variant Makes New York A New Hot Spot – Here’s Why

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The degree to which the new coronavirus is spreading continues to differ significantly across states and even counties.

While the daily number of new cases is levelling off or even decreasing in certain areas of the nation, it is rising in others, especially in New York.

Over the last two weeks, New York has witnessed a 167 percent rise in COVID-19 infections, with at least 880 new cases reported daily.

Currently, at least 69 percent of current COVID cases in New York City are of the highly infectious Delta variant.

According to official statistics, almost 74% of people in New York state and 70% of adults in the city have received one dose of covid vaccine.

74 percent of healthcare professionals in the state are vaccinated.

This implies that although health care professionals in the state match the city average, they lag behind the rest of the state.

According to city statistics, almost one-third of workers at New York City hospitals have yet to get COVID-19 vaccinations.

Manhattan has the highest vaccinated workers among the five boroughs, with 76 percent.

Queens came in second, with more than two-thirds of healthcare stafff, or 67 percent.

However, almost 40 percent of hospital personnel in the other three boroughs have either rejected or have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Through July 14, 61 percent of workers have been vaccinated in the Bronx, 62 percent in Brooklyn (Kings County) and 64 percent in Staten Island (Richmond County).

By 14 July, 61 percent of the employees in the Bronx, 62 percent in Brooklyn (King’s County) and 64 percent on Staten Island (Richmond County) have already received their shots.

NYPresbyterian health is the only hospital in the country, has mandated the vaccine requirements for all staff – until September 1.

It is distressing that so many health care workers are not getting vaccinated

The Chairman and spokesman of the Manhattan Health Committee, Richard Gottfried, told the New York Post.

It’s important to protect themselves, to protect their patients, and to keep the health care system running. They should be setting an example for everyone.

Health care workers are at an higher risk of getting and passing COVID-19 as they meet with sick patients at hospitals. 

So, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is important to vaccinate health care professionals, and therefore vaccine deployment has been a top priority.

An increase in infection among health care professionals may potentially decrease the capacity of hospitals to serve patients and exacerbate possible challenges.

And this is the main reason, most hospitals around the country have adopted vaccine mandates, making all workers get the shots in order to keep their jobs.

The stakes in this matter are high, and the evidence is clear that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most important and responsible action we can take as NYP team members for the safety and well-being of our patients and visitors, our communities, and ourselves

hospital leadership wrote in a memo to staff obtained by Gothamist.

In Houston, nearly 100 workers sued Houston Methodist Hospital for imposing an early June deadline for vaccinations.

The case was dismissed because the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission previously determined that companies were permitted to impose such requirements.

1199SEIU, the nation’s biggest health care union with over 450,000 members, has pledged to fight such policies.

We are not in agreement with a mandate of the COVID-19 vaccine

said George Gresham, president of 1199SEIU, in a statement earlier this month.

A hard-handed approach will not work and will only create greater frustration for the healthcare heroes who have been battling this pandemic every day for the last 15 months.

We agree that vaccination is an important tool to help us move forward, but mandating vaccination is not, nor will it ever, be the answer.

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