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It is not easy to think like this, but India is behind only five countries in terms of climate protection

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Amit Kumar
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Among the countries of the G20 group, Britain and India are the only ones who are among the first ten countries to try the best for aquaculture.

A report of the United Nations is currently being presented in the Spanish capital of Madrid on Tuesday, December 10, to prevent climate change, which can bring huge relief to India. In India, the haze and fog that has been shifting from place to place these days, breathing in polluted air has become difficult, this report will not reduce it at all. But those who believe that nothing is happening to prevent climate change in India, they will be surprised to know that India has left behind the good in this matter.

Three of the western world’s leading aquaculture organizations, Germanwatch, Climate Action Network (CAN) and New Climate Institute (NCI), in their shared report submitted to the Madrid conference, wrote that they have worked in 57 countries of the world emitting the most polluting gases and studied future plans. Only 31 of them came out, where the amount of emissions has come down. In the remaining 26 countries, the place of emission reduction has increased. These countries and The European Union of 28 countries are responsible for the emission of 90 per cent of the temperature-related gases related to energy.

Not a single country on the path of Paris Agreement

According to the Common Climate Index (Climate Change Performance / CCIP) of the three institutions, none of the 57 countries selected for the study was found to be fully on the path to the Paris Agreement of 2015. That is why no country is named in the first three places in their ranking list. The first three places are empty.

Sweden with 75.77 points at number four, Denmark at number five with 71.14 points, Morocco at number six with 70.63, Britain at number seven with 69.80 points, Lithuania at number eight with 66.22 points, India is at number nine with 66.02 points and Finland is at number ten with 63.25 points. This time Denmark, who came in at number five, was at number 15 and last to last year at number 16, and the European Union has dropped to number 22 this time.

America is behind

This list is a four-pronged criterion for the introduction of temperature gases (40 percentage points), renewable energy efforts (20 percentage points), prudent use of energy (20 percentage points) and countries’ climate policy (20 percentage points) and has been prepared on the basis of 14 different indicators. The last five places in this list are Iran, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and America respectively. Among them, America is at the bottom, that is, at number 60. Countries like Russia, Turkey, Japan, Australia or Canada are also at very low places in it. This means that climate protection is still not being taken seriously in these countries. Pakistan is not named in this list and China is far behind India at number 30.

India for the first time introduced in the top ten countries

For the first time in this global climate index, India has reached the rank of the first ten countries. The reason for this has been told that the per capita emission and energy consumption of temperature-enhancing gases in India are still much lower than in other countries. At the same time, the ambitious plans of the Government of India to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) and increase the amount of wind and solar energy rapidly by 2030, are happening in very few countries. Britain is another such example, so it has got the seventh place.

Britain and India are the only two countries in the G20 group that have been ranked among the first ten countries with the best ranking. Eight countries in this group have found a place in the ‘worst’ category. On the other side is Germany, which has fallen from the 22nd position of last year to 23rd this time. The institutes that compose the climate index say that “Germany is going to shut down its coal-fired power stations by 2038, which is the right direction, but the pace of changes is very slow”.

The rejection of the Paris Agreement by US President Donald Trump is a major setback for the efforts of aquaculture. Even then, the institutions that prepare the index of 2020, say that global consumption of coal is decreasing and the proportion of energy from renewable sources is increasing continuously. The publication of this index and the accompanying report, parallel to the UN Climate Protection Conference in Madrid, is expected that the leaders and officials of the countries participating in the conference will show their readiness to take bold decisions in light of the facts.

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