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“Portals” appear on the streets of Vilnius and Lublin

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Large screens and cameras installed on the streets allow residents of the two cities to see each other and broadcast live.

In the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius – and the Polish city of Lublin, special devices have appeared that allow passers-by of these two cities to see each other and communicate in real-time, being at a distance of more than 600 km from each other.

The so-called “portals” are a Lithuanian non-profit initiative supported, in particular, by the Benediktas Gylys Foundation.

“For the first time in history, countries and their peoples have such a way of real-time communication. The PORTAL non-profit initiative is a bridge leading us – me, you and them – to the realization of unity,” the project’s website says.

To date, working “portals” have been installed in Vilnius and Lublin. These are devices with large screens and a camera, which makes it possible to actually broadcast live from cities.

In the future, the project organizers plan to make “portals” between Vilnius and Icelandic Reykjavik, as well as link the Lithuanian capital with the British capital London.

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