Return Digital in E3 2019: all the news, new games and trailers

Return Digital in E3 2019: all the news, new games and trailers
Return Digital in E3 2019: all the news, new games and trailers

The Devolver Digital conferences at E3 have become a spectacle that transcends the videogames themselves to become a kind of short film series B in which the script is interspersed with the announcement of new releases, all with a very humorous component marked and tons of fake blood.

The truth is that in the role of distributor in this E3 2019 have not shone so much, although some of their presentations do have a very good look. Above all has been placed has been placed ‘Carrion’, a game with pixel art aesthetic that rivals ‘Dead Cells’ in terms of the majesty of such a minimalist style.

‘Fall Guys’

If something characterizes Devolver Digital is its ability to find small gems with potential and in this case the mixture between battle royale and Yellow Humor can be a sensational cocktail to succeed on the internet or at a party with friends. The key will be in how many tests there will be and how they will be varied among them. But the concept is great.

‘Return Bootleg’

Between the parody, the homage and the copyright complaint that would be bordering on not being because they have been published by themselves. This pack of eight games in one brings some of the great classics of Devolver Digital with a minimalist revision of some concepts. As for example that ‘Hotline Milwaukee’ to which it is impossible not to want to throw a game.

The ‘Return Bootleg’ is already available in the Steam store with an incredible five-cent cut that ends on June 16. The game, as self-referential parody, will cost Euro 3.99 or 3.95 if we hurry to acquire it before the generous offer ends.


Who does not like being the bad guy from time to time? In this case, the bad guy is a shapeless beast with tentacles – in an impressive pixel art world – that will have to escape from the laboratory in which they are experimenting with him. Along the way, we will acquire skills, mutating and killing dozens of people. ‘Carrion’ will arrive in 2020 and we strongly recommend taking a look at the trailer.

‘Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead’

In the same way that the E3 conferences of Devolver Digital seem like a joke, sometimes the ads they do in them also. But it turns out not. ‘Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead’ is a recreational that will come to the halls, we do not know where specifically, but it seems that it will not make its landing either on computers or PC.

Retaking the spirit of classics like ‘Time Crisis’, but with a renewed graphic aspect and with the enemies of the original ‘Enter the Gungeon’, the bet of Digital Return returns to leave us completely unsettled. By daring, by crazy and because surely we will stay without trying it. A shame.

‘The Messenger: Picnic Panic’

The closing of the conference of the E3 2019 of Devolver Digital has not been as bright as one would expect from a distributor that is used, as we have seen, to some of the craziest releases in the industry. However, it has been an expansion chosen to finish an atypical presentation. Maybe it even has its logic, after all.