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Who said everything was already discovered? 71 new species found in 2019

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Jiya Saini
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Scientists at the California Academy of Sciences have released the 71 new species that have been discovered in this 2019

A few days before the end of 2019, human beings can be in luck: the Earth continues to surprise us. In the era of technology, where there are few corners of the planet that are not inhabited and in a time when we believe we know everything, nature continues to make its way with force. Thus, the California Academy of Sciences has just released the 71 new species found this year.

Today, we have all kinds of technologies that allow us to reach the deepest corners of our planet – even from the sofa of our house, but there are still some completely unexplored places that still provide us with all kinds of surprises. Thus, in the XXI century, scientists have managed to discover more than fifty species of which, to date, we had no knowledge of its existence.

After a year of tireless work touring some of the most familiar and remote places on Earth, we have achieved great results“, says Shannon Bennett, head of the California Academy of Sciences. Thus, scientists have announced that, in 2019, they have discovered a total of 17 fish, 15 squamous sauropsids, 8 flowering plants, 6 marine slugs, 5 arachnids, 4 eagles, 3 ants, 3 spiny, 2 wasps, 2 petrels, 2 mosses, 2 corals and 2 lizards.

“Today, scientists estimate that more than 90% of the species of nature remain unknown. A rich diversity of plants and animals is what allows life on our planet to thrive: the interconnection of all living systems it provides collective resistance to our climate crisis. Each newly discovered species serves as an important reminder of the fundamental role we play in understanding ecosystems“, says Bennett.

These are some of the species found:

Siphamia arnazae

Serratifolia Gravesia


Dipturus Iamillai

Cirrhilabrus wakanda


Yacuri Marsupial Frog

Spinipterus moijiri

Camellia debaoensis

Psilotris vantasselli

Caecilia pulchraserrana

Vettonic Linaria

Janolus Tricellarioides

Cordylus Phonolithos

Kuniesaurus albiauris

Lola Konavoka

Pinnotheres bicristatus

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