Sophie Turner: “After ‘Game of Thrones’ I am learning to find myself”

After a teen devoted to deconstructing a pampered baby to become a respected 'lady' from the north, the British seeks her new throne away from Winterfell as Dark Phoenix in the saga 'X-Men'.

Sophie Turner:
Sophie Turner: "After 'Game of Thrones' I am learning to find myself"

One of the pleasures that Sophie Turner (Northampton, 1996) has recovered after 10 years dedicated to Game of Thrones has been the dream. “Now I can sleep more!” Turner, luckily, laughs at each intrusion and responds fun.

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At 23 years old, and back to his natural blond, he experiences a period of personal expansion after adolescence given to a monumental project. «Now I am learning to know myself much better, to know who I am, to find out what my hobbies are besides to spend the day acting. It is a very pleasant stage, that of finding myself again ». A path that goes by talking openly before the press (and in their networks) about the insecurities that have suffered for their physique, which has suffered from the impostor syndrome that attacks many women and that the fight against the stigma of diseases mental problems is to tell and normalize it.

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To play the character of Fénix Oscura he studied about schizophrenia and multiple personality, what did he learn?

It was very revealing. Simon [Kinberg, director of the film] and I investigated not only how the disorder affects the person, but how it interferes with their close nucleus such as family or friends.

Beyond the film, in its social networks it visualizes and normalizes the treatment of mental disorders.

We must fight against the stigma surrounding any type of mental illness. Whether it’s just to see the efforts towards healing or to show support to other people who are dealing with it: a first step to seek help, to understand that it is not a taboo and that people can talk openly about it, with confidence.

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Were you interested in the world of comics before the movie?

The truth is that no, but there is this curious coincidence: when my brothers were younger I stole one of their comics and it turned out to be that of Dark Phoenix. Maybe it was fate calling me!

I guess now they will be happy to see her in the film adaptation.

(Laughs) Yeah, well, it’s great. I’m surrounded by fans! From my future mother-in-law to my boyfriend [here public relations press for the first time the background key on his phone to point out to Turner a taboo subject – the interview was made before his wedding in Las Vegas at the beginning of May -. Turner laughs at the key that just sounded] A lot of people!

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On the set she had the support and tutelage of Jessica Chastain. What was it like working with her?

Oh my God! I love working with Jessica. She is the best actress we have today. He is a frankly inspiring figure. Not only for his talent, but for seeing how he works. It is strong, it stands up for itself and also its characters. It’s that kind of person who makes women feel important, it conveys to us the fact that we have to keep fighting and supporting each other. Working with her has been like learning lessons from everything in this life.

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She is a convinced feminist activist, and you also share very political positions regarding the struggle for equality in your networks. Is it important to position yourself?

I believe that everyone has the right to express their opinions. For the simple fact of being an actress does not mean that you are excluded from expressing your opinion. Many people like to use their networks as a platform to defend their political opinions, to encourage people to vote for something or, simply, to be able to comment on what they consider to be wrong in their country at a political level. I do not think it’s a bad thing; I think it is necessary.

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The new generation of actresses seems not to be afraid to defend themselves and not apologize for their actions. Feels more empowered What has changed?

Yes, that’s the way it is, but I do not think it’s just a question we see in the actresses. Women in general have changed their attitude in this world. They are willing to fight for their rights, such as equal pay. It has been a slow movement, but it is improving and we have a long way to go: we continue with a lot of inequality in many areas and at work. For example, the equalization of salaries will cost a lot. It is important that we keep fighting and that we continuously reopen the debate. Do not stop talking about him.

His tweets against Trump are pretty funny and viral, especially that “ugh!” In response to the president’s appropriation of the Game of Thrones aesthetic. What do you think?

[Your assistant presses a key again and resonates in the conversation. It is understood that it is not a welcome question, she laughs again amused]. What do I think about Trump? I will only say this: I do not support it.

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Do you think the United States is ready to have a woman president in 2020?

I would love to see it, it would be something incredible. At last a president fighting for equality. A woman would change things a lot for the rest of us. Not only because of the level of power involved, but also because of what it means to have a female leader of that magnitude, a leader in one of the most powerful countries in the world. The consequences would be fantastic.

There are many presidential candidates in the Democratic Party, such as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren or Kristen Gillibrand, any favorite in your pool?

[His agent intervenes to kindly ask us to return to the fold of questions related to the movie he is promoting].

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His first film was Mi otro yo (2013), under the command of Isabel Coixet, how do you remember the experience?

I loved working with her, she is a fantastic director and very passionate! I fulfilled a dream. I want to work with more Spanish directors.

She also serves as ambassador for Louis Vuitton, what kind of relationship does she have with the fashion world?

When I work with a character, one of my priorities is to find my aesthetic, so fashion has that ability to mold you to become what you want to be or how you want to see yourself in the movie. Clothing is an extraordinary tool to show a character: fashion is transformative.

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What is your favorite item of a shoot?

I will always keep the Game of Thrones costume . Forever.

Why do you think your friendship with Maisie Williams [Arya in Game of Thrones ] so much fascinates ?

Many have the mistaken idea that two women can not be friends, because they are going to compete with each other or, as a series, some sluts with other girls. They are wrong: women support other women. I think that, in addition to the unconditional support of the most hardcore fans of the series, it is a comfort to see two girls of the same age, who are together in this industry and who help each other, who are happy for their achievements and who are not jealous the one from the other.

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What character would you have loved to play?

One male! Randle Patrick McMurphy [Jack Nicholson] in Someone flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

What is the best advice given to you in a shoot?

Jessica Chastain told me to always be true to what I believe. It has taught me that it is not a problem to defend what is best for my character. He made me see that my opinions could be valid and that I could raise my voice to defend them. It was very special.

It does not give that impression, it seems a person with clear ideas.

(Laughs) Really? Wow, thanks, I did not imagine that they saw me like that.

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