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The scientific explanation for why new strains of coronavirus appear

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The use of drugs that suppress the virus and interfere with its reproduction, as well as the treatment of patients with plasma leads to an accelerated mutation of the virus and the appearance of new strains, says the biologist Ancha Baranova of George Mason University, USA.

“The infectivity of the virus has increased. But the increased infectivity does not indicate that the disease has become more dangerous. However, scientists have noted another important thing, this strain has evolved within the same host” said Baranova.

Baranova said.

It has been noted that the coronavirus remains for a long time in organisms with suppressed immunity and this leads to the virus undergoing evolution. In addition, the biologist added that some treatments against COVID-19 also make the virus evolve faster.

“For example, we use coalescing plasma that contains large amounts of specific antibodies. They kill the virus, but there is often more than one type of SARS-CoV-2 virus in a person who has been sick for a long time and is serious. Plasma will eliminate the viruses that bind to the antibodies and leave the rest. Then there will be a directional evolution of the virus,” she explained.

According to Baranova, the evolution of the virus and the appearance of new strains are also exacerbated by the use of drugs that are used to treat the serious consequences caused by the virus, but at the same time alter the viral polymerase.

This is how it contributes to the accelerated appearance of new mutated viruses, according to the biologist.

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