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Third “wave” of coronavirus can be more serious than the current one

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The third wave of the coronavirus could have far more serious effects on the population than the ones they are suffering now, as there are fears that the mutations may prove more deadly and may even make vaccines and masks ineffective.

The planet is facing a new counterattack of the pandemic. The British Prime Minister’s statement acknowledging the truth of the new variant of the coronavirus has caused concern. Boris Johnson confirmed that there are indications that make it even more deadly for patients. Until now, the scientific community has confirmed that it is more contagious, but not more dangerous.


“We were informed today that, in addition to spreading faster, it now appears that there is some evidence that the new variant -the variant which was first discovered in London and the South East (from England) – could be associated with a higher death rate,” said Boris Johnson in a press conference.

Scientists are now focusing on whether and to what extent this mutation affects the effectiveness of vaccines. The British Prime Minister assured that both vaccines used in the country remain effective. In fact, things are not so simple. This is because it is already being proven that existing vaccines may not provide the most effective protection against the new “South African” B1351 mutation and may need to be redesigned. 

This is a different mutation from Britain, which is spreading to the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, if one mutation undermines the protection of today’s vaccines, who can rule out that the same is not true of another? 

After all, the African mutation has already reached Europe. Portugal is an example.

The urgency of the situation, however, was captured in a video, which was an excerpt from a video conference that British Health Minister Matt Hancock had with travel agents during the week. Hancock said that if the South African strain spreads and becomes dominant in the United Kingdom, it could destroy the British vaccination program and send the country back to zero. Greek epidemiologists also think about the possibility of a mutation or mutations of the coronavirus, which will escape the vaccines.


Not just the vaccine, virus mutations have also affected fabric masks, which are a common choice among citizens. One after another, European countries are tightening the rules on masks in the hope that they will be able to slow down the spread of the virus. The surgical masks or N95, or European KN95 or FFP2 considered more effective. 

Last night, the World Health Organization (WHO) hastened to clarify that fabric masks are still just as effective, even against the new mutated strains of the new coronavirus.

“The non-surgical fabric masks can be used by all people under the age of 60 who do not have particular health problems,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, an infectious disease epidemiologist and is coordinating the technical response of the WHO to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The fact remains, however, France has already made recommendations so that citizens can avoid cloth masks

“My recommendation to the French people is not to use fabric masks anymore,” the French health minister said in a televised interview. 

Either way, the mutations of the virus bring the third wave of the pandemic closer.

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