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Tim Cook speaks at the Time 100 Summit: excessive use of the iPhone, privacy, and company values

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Kuldeep Singh
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Tim Cook speaking for the first time at the annual Time 100 Summit, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed a number of issues, especially with regards to the cryptography battle his company faced with the US Department of Justice. Tim Cook also talked about how users use iPhones too much.

Excessive use of the iPhone

Tim Cook thinks that people should reduce the time of use of iPhones and apps , so much so that Apple is doing everything to make people more aware: “I too have silenced many notifications in recent months, because thanks to Screen Time I realized I was wasting too much time with my iPhone. Apple has never wanted to maximize users’ usage time, that’s not our goal.” 

” If you guys aren’t monitoring push notifications on your iPhones, do it “, suggested the CEO. ” What I did was to go into Settings and turn off lots of notifications. I asked myself: do I really need to receive thousands of notifications a day? Do they add something to my life or is it making me a better person? So I checked the various apps and turned off lots of notifications “. 

Some think that, in light of these words, iOS 13 may introduce additional functions in this sense, aimed at limiting to the maximum and optimizing the sending of notifications by the app. Currently, the management of notifications is very basic (do you accept or disagree?) And there are no “levels” of priorities set by the user, perhaps even based on the time of day.

And again: ” Every time you take the phone, it means you’re taking your eyes off the person you’re talking to, aren’t you?” And if you look at your phone more than you look at someone else’s eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing. We want to educate people about what they are doing. This thing will improve over time, just like something else we do. We will innovate in this area as we have done in other areas. In practice, we don’t want people to use their phones all the time. This has never been our goal “.

… pity for 10 years Apple has done nothing to limit notifications, junk apps and more. But it’s never late to improve.

Privacy and encryption

In his speech to talk Time 100, Tim Cook said that the privacy and encryption have become much more important and meaningful for the citizens of the United States, because of the many events especially related to politics and some tech companies. The clear references are to Facebook / Cambridge Analytica and to data collected for electoral purposes. Without forgetting the fact that the Russian government has used social media to influence the 2016 elections.

Cook has repeatedly stressed that privacy is important because, if people censor themselves for fear of being controlled, then freedom of expression is stifled . Precisely for this reason, the CEO of Apple believes that the encryption of devices is vitally important to protect the privacy and security of users, but also calls for clear legislation to protect users, given that at this time the issue remains ” under the fire of the Department of Justice “.

Tim Cook refers to the well-known case of San Bernardino, when Apple said it was unable to provide the terrorist’s iPhone data precisely because of the integrated cryptography system. On that occasion, the Justice Department did everything to make Apple pass as the enemy of public security, launching a sort of campaign to focus on the security of the country at the expense of privacy. But Apple was good at making people understand the real situation, without ending up in court: “The Justice Department’s campaign in that case was rigged against Apple, as the real purpose of the officials and the FBI was to activate a backdoor in the devices to have greater ease of control on all smartphones in the United States and beyond ”. 

We then talk about the values in Apple. Tim Cook reiterated once again that “people have values, societies are made of people and so companies should also have values. Today’s problems cannot be addressed only by the government, but require the help of companies and universities. This is why at Apple we also deal with issues such as the environment, diversity and the protection of fundamental human rights. We do not have a political action committee because it should not exist in a company. We believe in our values and carry them forward, without any flag “.

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