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Trump ensures more creaking: his supporters want to arm themselves as heavily as possible – and not just them

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The fact that Donald Trump is no longer president is having an impact on firearms sales in the United States. These have increased rapidly in the past few months. But it’s not just his followers who arm themselves.

A run on guns like never before. Since the pandemic began, more firearms have been sold in the US than ever before. While disinfectants and pasta were among the corona winners in many other countries, rifles and pistols were the biggest box-office hits in America – and many shops have been complaining about sold-out ammunition for months.

Since Donald Trump’s election defeat, gun sales have continued to skyrocket. Arms sales, while stagnating throughout his tenure, rose 64 percent after Biden’s victory. In January alone, 2.3 million firearms were sold in the United States, and have been increasing every month since then. Trump’s supporters fear tightened gun laws under Joe Biden’s presidency. In the event of stricter regulations and controls, they want to arm themselves as heavily as possible.

After Trump era, Republicans fear tougher gun laws – and buy even more

For similar reasons, the demand for firearms in the United States rose in previous Democratic elections. Immediately after Barack Obama’s entry into the White House, significantly more guns were sold than before – even then, especially male Republicans feared that a Democrat could restrict their constitutional rights to gun ownership.

But today, for the first time, more and more liberals, women and minorities are contributing to the new record numbers of arms sales; many of them are currently purchasing a firearm for the first time. They in turn state that they want to protect themselves from future unrest and uprisings. Like the storm of Trump supporters on the Capitol on January 6.

And the latest announcement by the Trump-affiliated conspiracy community QAnon only fuels corresponding fears: Because from August, according to the conspiracy theorists, Trump will finally replace Biden in the White House. 

“The new inauguration date is already set,” announced Trump’s former attorney Sidney Powell at a QAnon-sponsored conference in Dallas earlier this week. 

“Then Biden has to get out of the White House and Trump will move back in. He cannot make up for the lost months in the past, but Trump will certainly make the most of his remaining presidency.” 

At the meeting, Trump’s former security advisor Michael Flynn made headlines with his call for a military coup to reinstate Donald Trump.

Now women and leftists are also taking up arms

In this tense climate, Americans from both parties now want to arm themselves. In Austin last summer, an Army sergeant shot and killed a protester during a BlackLivesMatter protest against police brutality. Since then, more and more gun shops and shooting schools have reported increased demand among politically liberals.

“All these years we have had mostly conservative men in our shooting courses,” says Michael Cargill, owner of a gun shop in Austin, Texas. 

That has changed completely in the meantime. Lately, women and leftists, in particular, have wanted to learn to shoot.

Zachary Harris, one of his shooting course participants, confirms: “Actually, I’ve always been a total opponent of firearms.” 

The 23-year-old describes himself as politically left-wing and had never considered arming himself before. But like many of his democratic friends, he is now in possession of a pistol for the first time. 

He and his fiancée bought the gun. The couple then took a four-week shooting course.

Nationwide statistics report similar trends. Up until now, guns were mostly white men – and twice as many Republicans as Democrats. But these numbers are now changing: all of America now seems to continue to rearm, regardless of political leanings, gender or skin color. 

40 percent of all gun buyers were first-time buyers this year. According to a joint study by Harvard and Northeastern University, nearly half of all gun buyers in the past year were women and 20 percent each were Latinos and African Americans – and the trend is rising. 

A total of 17 million firearms were sold. This means that around 40 percent of the total population is now armed. In 2016 it was less than a third.

“America is in an arms race against itself,” said Marqueece Harris-Dawson, a councilor from Los Angeles, where the homicide rate has risen 36 percent since the beginning of the year. 

In an interview with the “New York Times” he continued: “During Corona, the run on weapons here was at least as big as on toilet paper.” 

Photo by James Devaney/GC Images via Getty

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