The world view of ‘Devil May Cry 5’ is nostalgic, but it’s rock anyway: Game Review

The world view of 'Devil May Cry 5' is nostalgic, but it's rock anyway: Game Review
The world view of 'Devil May Cry 5' is nostalgic, but it's rock anyway: Game Review

If you say “Devil May Cry 5” to be expressed simply, it will be answered that it is “a guitar riff”.

A riff that seems to be overpowering and deliberate, and desperately trying to decide cool with cool look. But there is something there.Something that includes a witty tickle. There must be something as uncool as the one you want to show off in the world, but something that somehow gets attracted. I danced involuntarily, and I said “Good!” Good, isn’t it cool? This is a lock.

I made a fierce bluff to my honesty

Although the title is confusing, this work is the sixth series. And so is the game that keeps sticking to the mysterious atmosphere that does not change from the first work to the sixth work in one series.

The source of the mystery that Devil May Cry has is a combination of beauty and excitement, and a sense of innovation that is unbearable to the insistence of wildness. At the time of its birth, this series was nothing but a collection of elements of action heroes, but it pioneered a new sub-genre in hack-and-slash endlessly by combining techniques with a revolutionary battle system.

The half-man and half-man hero Dante is a warrior who keeps fighting with the demons that appear one after another with full force. It’s cool, it’s cool, it’s pizza-loving, and it’s an 80’s-style sarcasm shop.

But that is the story of 20 years ago. Dante has also aged now, and the coolness has been obscured. The action game itself has changed a lot, and Devil May Cry shares its DNA with many such games. Then, what path is left for Devil May Cry?

The possibility of survival seems to be high. Devil May Cry 5 maintains its existence value by persevering violently and violently. While being aware that the series is entering the old age, it is trying to be the top and the most exciting action game, rather than taking into account past stories and surrounding circumstances.

There is nostalgia for Devil May Cry 5. Now in 2019, it is a nostalgic feeling that some bands will reproduce 80’s hair metal. Even so, it is no different that it is a famous performance.

Just Devil May Cry

The rough outline is simple. The player becomes Nero and starts the game. Nero is part of a small group of devil hunters, with Dante somehow leading the way.

Dante has been captivated by the aggression of an unidentified demon.The mission is to rescue such Dante with friends and kill the monsters. In the meantime, don’t forget it’s very stylish.

Despite the flashy setting, Devil May Cry 5 has made a big hit. Ultimately, the player fights as the three warriors who are Nero’s companions, but he kills the enemies one after another and shoots them, and magically escapes the demons.

Flowing actions are easy to control but quite tricky and difficult to capture.In addition, it continues to be evaluated how stylish and varied the attack was.

After all, with all this feeling, yes, it is Devil May Cry itself. People who have been away with this game since the 2000s may be shocked by this sense of vision. Shoot enemies in the distance, control a weapon that combines a sword and a gun, and stab off the enemy you threw in the air.Of the three characters, the tempo of the basic play of the two has not changed so terribly as the series early. Devil May Cry 5 is a game of a nostalgic taste.

Pretty sales talk

However, it is inconvenient to go back in time.

Even though it is a 19-year game in which 3D has become mainstream, operations to switch sights in line with the enemies appearing one after another seem more than necessary. Nero’s special ability is his hand in hand, and he always carries some stock, but there is no way other than destroying the artificial hand he is wearing in order to exchange it instantly.

It’s hard to say for a moment, but in the English version, there are also scenes where you are overwhelmed by the voice actor’s performance.And, to be honest, despite the appearance of a large amount of demons, the bloody fear of horror is not transmitted visually.

“Who cares about that?”, I feel like I can hear the voice of Devil May Cry 5. “The devil will come! Can you hear a guitar solo? You are on the line! You are going to beat the devil without hesitation!”