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A rescue helicopter with 6 crew onboard crashes in France

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In the east of France, a helicopter crashed while carrying out a rescue operation. As a result, five of the six people on board died.

A helicopter carrying air rescue crew on a training exercise crashed in French Alps on Tuesday killing five of six onboard.

Prime minister Emmanuel Macron confirmed the news and expressed his support to families and friends of the victim’s Via tweet.

“This evening in Savoy three members of the French Air Rescue and two members of the Service Aerien Francais (SAF) were killed in a helicopter crash. Another injured survivor is fighting for their life. Support from the nation to the families, friends, and colleagues of these French heroes”

President Emmanuel Macron via tweet

The helicopter owned by the private company SAF was conducting a training rescue mission when it went down at 1,800 meters near the town of Bonvillard in the Savoie area. The alarm was raised by the surviving pilot who managed to eject from the helicopter before the crash and was found seriously injured.

A team of 40 personnel and 3 helicopters were dispatched for the rescue mission immediately. Helicopters were unable to approach the crash site due to heavy fog. Instead, the survivor was found by a team of personnel who approached on foot.

The reason behind the crash is yet unknown, but officials believe it could have been caused by bad weather.

‘A Nation In Mourning’: Prime Minister

Following the incident, Prime minister Jean Castex tweeted his condolences and support to the families and friends of the victims. He said in reference to SAF employees: 

“They did not share the same uniform but they shared the same mission: saving lives. Their deaths leave a whole nation in mourning.”

French Prime minister Jean Castex via tweet
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