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A ‘Digital’ shift from the ‘Convention’ : A paperless Budget for 2021

Budget 2021 brings yet another twist with the ultimate digital shift by going 'paperless'.

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FM Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman’s Made in India Tablet signifies Prime Minister’s vision and mission for Digital India, breaking the conventional ceiling of carrying a briefcase and a traditional “Bahi khata”.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman heads to present the budget in a way that is first of its kind in the history of this country. This morning, the honorable Finance Minister was seen in a silk sareee with a combination of red and cream color. What caught our sight was a ‘Made in India’ Tablet that she carried in red sleeve with National Emblem imprinted on it.

This is for the first time that the country would witness a “paperless budget” presentation. The initiative is also believed to be a boost for the Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Digital India‘.

This year, amid the pandemic, the Finance Minister has also launched the “Union Budget Mobile App” in order to facilitate easy and ready access of Budget Documents, not only for the Members of Parliament (MPs) but for the public as well.

The move acquires a greater significance as it comes amid the pandemic, and also appears to compliment the requisite of social distancing norms.

The event marks a Digital shift from the country’s conventional practice of a red, black, tan, or brown colored briefcase being carried by the Finance Ministers during the Budget.

Earlier in 2019, FM Nirmala Sitharaman had noticeably carried a traditional red “Bahi khata” during the Budget, symbolically setting aside the standard Burdget briefcase. She also stated that it was a ‘high time’ that we do away with the British pactices, calling it a “British hangover”.

Promising a “never before” budget, Mrs Sitharaman is all set to present the country’s budget at the crucial hour, amid the challenging times. What comes in as a straight call to Digital India and Make In India, the people of India await to know what lies in the budget for them.

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