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Man declared dead after road accident found alive after night in morgue freezer

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After a car accident, the man was pronounced dead, but when the family arrived to see him, he was discovered to be alive and in a coma.

After a night in the freezer of a hospital morgue, an Indian man reported dead after a car accident was discovered still breathing by his relatives.

After being hit by a motorcycle in Moradabad, east of the capital New Delhi, Srikesh Kumar was brought to a clinic in severe condition.

He was sent to a private medical facility, where the doctor confirmed him dead upon his arrival, and then to a government hospital for a post-mortem on Friday.

“The emergency medical officer examined him. He did not find any signs of life and hence declared him dead,” Rajendra Kumar, the hospital’s medical superintendent, told AFP on Sunday.

The body was placed in the morgue freezer until his relatives arrived six hours later, according to the doctor.

“When a police team and his family came over to initiate the paperwork for the autopsy, he was found alive,” he added.

According to Rajendra Kumar, the 45-year-old is still in a coma and is having more therapy.

“This is nothing short of a miracle,” he added.

An investigation was underway to find out how the physicians proclaimed him dead by mistake.

Image Credit: iStock

You were reading: Man declared dead after road accident found alive after night in morgue freezer

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