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Woman gives birth to a three-headed baby in India

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The child and his mother are doing well, but the family is now suffering from the visits of numerous pilgrims as the baby is being considered the incarnation of God on Earth

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a child was born on July 12 with a rare defect – three heads.

It is noted that the baby was born as a result of a normal pregnancy.

Two additional heads are connected to the back of the infant’s “normal” head and are covered with hair. 

Now his family is suffering from the visits of numerous pilgrims who consider the unusual child to be the embodiment of God on Earth.

The child and his mother are doing well, they were discharged from the hospital.

They are reported to be unhappy, though, since they have been swamped by visitors who are eager to meet the newborn baby.

Locals are allegedly calling it a “incarnation of God,” and many are travelling long distances to bless the infant.

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