At least 5 people injured in a Knife attack during Jewish celebration in New York

At least 5 people injured in a Knife attack during Jewish celebration in New York

In an attack during a celebration of the Hanukkah Jewish Festival of Lights, several people were stabbed in New York, according to media reports. The act took place in a rabbi’s house in the village of Monsey.

This was reported, among other things, by the “New York Times”, citing officials. On Twitter, there is also talk that the alleged perpetrator used a machete as a weapon.

The alleged perpetrator then escaped with a vehicle. But he was caught around midnight. The local police spoke on Twitter of a “terrible crime” and claimed to have been involved with several units.

Two people were hospitalized with critical injuries. Justice Minister of the State, Letitia James, was “deeply disturbed” by the Monsey incident and pledged solidarity to the Jewish community. The anti-terrorist investigators of the New York police also said they kept up to date on the events.

After a series of attacks on Jews in New York, the metropolis, some 40 kilometers south of Monsey, had recently tightened its security precautions. There had previously been at least five apparently anti-Semitic attacks during the Hanukkah celebrations. Every year, with the Festival of Lights lasting several days, Jews commemorate the new consecration of the temple in Jerusalem in 165 before the Christian era.

One of the largest Jewish communities in the world lives in New York with several hundred thousand people. A large part of the so-called hate crimes in the city is anti-Semitic, according to the TV station CNN. In an attack on a Jewish shop near New York a few weeks ago, three civilians and one police officer were killed in addition to the two attackers.