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Lok Sabha General Election 2019: Congress’s Election Manifesto Is A Lie: PM Modi

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Amit Kumar
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Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday targeted the opposition by declaring the election manifesto of Congress as a ‘cloak of hypocrisy’. Addressing the second rally in Arunachal Pradesh within a week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an example of Congress’s election manifesto for the 2004 Lok Sabha elections saying that it was promised that by 2009 all the households will have electricity.

Modi said, “But by 2014, till 18,000 villages had not reached power. His election manifesto, like his (Congress), is also a corrupt and falsehood. Therefore, it should be called a hypocritical document, not a manifesto, but a hypocritical document. “Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday released the party’s election manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections. It promises employment generation, a solution of the agricultural crisis, bringing an equal rate for GST and giving Rs. 72,000 per annum to poor families.

The Prime Minister accused the Congress of fooling the farmers in the name of votes, while the BJP government was always with them. Modi said, “We have not committed a sin to deceive farmers. But we have developed a mechanism from seed to market. “He said that the forthcoming Lok Sabha election is a” selection between trust and corruption and resolution and conspiracy. “Polling for the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in the state on one day It is to be on 11th April.

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