Lok Sabha General Elections 2019: 150 Nominations Filed In The Third Phase

Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 150 Nominations Filed In The Third Phase
Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 150 Nominations Filed In The Third Phase

Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 – Raipur – 150 candidates have filed 271 nomination papers for the third phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. On the seventh and final day of nominations for seven Lok Sabha seats in the state on Thursday, 70 candidates filed a total of 130 nominations. In this phase, 150 candidates have filed nomination papers for seven Lok Sabha constituencies of the state.

For the first time, 32 candidates have filed nomination papers in the Raipur Lok Sabha constituency, the lowest 11 candidates for the Sarguja Lok Sabha constituency have filed the nomination papers.

Chief Election Officer Subrata Sahu has said that 70 candidates filed their nomination papers on the last day of the third phase nomination on Thursday. Nomination papers will be checked on Friday, April 5th. Candidates can withdraw nomination papers till 8th April.

On the last day of nomination, 6 nominations were filed in Sarguja, 6 in Raigad, 10 in Jangjigar, 17 in Korba, 8 in Durg and 11 for Raipur Lok Sabha constituency.

For this phase 32 candidates in Raipur, 28 in Bilaspur, 27 in Durg, 20 in Korba, 14 in Raigarh, 18 in Jagjgir and 11 in Sarguja have filed nomination papers.

In the third phase, voters of Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg, Janjgir, Raigad, Korba, and Sarguja Lok Sabha constituencies will exercise their franchise on April 23. Comprehensive preparations have been made for the third phase of voting. During the Lok Sabha elections, one crore 89 lakh 16 thousand 285 voters of the state can use their franchise in three phases. In these 15 thousand 365 polling stations have been set up to ensure 100 percent polling. There are 1 crore 17 lakh 48 thousand 439 voters in the third phase, including 63 lakh 84 thousand 735 males, 53 lakh 63 thousand 102 women and 602 voters of the third gender.

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