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Dutch journalist in serious condition after being shot several times in Amsterdam

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He is known in the Netherlands for his investigations into crime and organized crime, and has even acted as an informant in police or court cases

A well-known Dutch journalist, Peter R. de Vries, who specializes in organized crime, is hospitalized in serious condition after being shot in the middle of the street in Amsterdam and hit in the head. 

De Vries, 64, has been taken to hospital with serious injuries, the Dutch Police have confirmed, detailing that several shots were fired and confirming the identity of the victim, while multiple images circulating on social networks show the journalist lying on the ground with head injuries.

The reporter’s attack took place on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, a street in the heart of Amsterdam. The Dutch Police are looking for a white-skinned man with a thin complexion, wearing a dark green camouflage-style coat and a black cap, who could be the author of the shooting and who would have fled immediately after shooting De Vries. 

This journalist is known in the Netherlands for his investigations of crime and organized crime issues and has even acted as an informant in police or judicial cases in very media cases in the country, including the well-known Marengo case, which involves crimes such as murders and drug trafficking.

In 2019, when it became known that he was on the blacklist of the drug trafficker and Dutch mafia leader, Ridouan Taghi (then on the run), he began to be protected by the Police for death threats

The brother and lawyer of the most important protected witness in the Marengo case, Nabil B., were shot and killed in Amsterdam two years ago, in an attempt to silence them from testifying in the ongoing trial with Taghi and his men.

The shooting has caused a stir in the Netherlands. The far-right leader, Geert Wilders, has called it “terrible”, while the general secretary of the Netherlands Association of Journalists, Thomas Bruning, has called it a “blow to journalism”.

Image Credit: Reuters

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