Ruby JavaScript compiler Opal reaches version 1.0

Ruby JavaScript compiler Opal reaches version 1.0

Developers who want to compile their Ruby code into JavaScript can now access the production-ready version of the open source compiler Opal. After seven years of work, the makers behind the project have now presented Opal 1.0, as Contributor Elia Schito explains in the blog post announcing the milestone. Originally, in 2012, the first major release should follow version 0.3.

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Opal has now achieved functional parity with MRI (Matz ‘Ruby interpreter) and the development team has also completely revamped the class and module hierarchy. The prototype chain of arbitrary objects now contains an entry for each Ruby predecessor, so that the JavaScript engine can handle caching and optimization of the methods. This improvement has also enabled the introduction of the new Module.prepend feature.

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The roadmap for the upcoming minor release plans includes the integration of webpack and strict-mode, dead code elimination, and mutable strings. More details about Opal 1.0 can be found on the project’s GitHub website.

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