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Taiwan’s claim of Biden’s ‘rock-solid’ support provokes China

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Tensions escalate between the US and China, as Taiwan claims of having rock-solid support from the Biden administration.

The relations between two major powers of the world the US and China can tumble into further distress following Taiwan’s claim of vigorous support from President Joe Biden’s administration. The country is also aiming for closer security ties with the U.S., which may further anger China.

Representatives of Taiwan say that the coercion of China against Taiwan will not only pose a security threat to its sovereignty but the Indo-Pacific region as a whole.

According to the sources, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York said in a statement, Beijing’s military, economic, and diplomatic coercion against Taiwan constitutes a threat to the security not only of Taiwan but of the entire Indo-Pacific region.

Taiwan has also appreciated the support given by President Biden’s administration. The Taiwanese representative in a statement also said: “We appreciate the Biden administration’s reaffirmation of its rock-solid support of democratic Taiwan based on the Taiwan Relations Act and the Six Assurances.”

In 1982, the Taiwan government proposed six points to the United States during negotiations for the Third United States-China Joint Communiqué on Arms Sales to Taiwan that the United States would use as guidelines in conducting its relations with Taiwan.

The Six Assurances include:

  1. No set date for termination of sales to Taiwan.
  2. No alteration to the Taiwan Relations Act.
  3. No consultation with China regarding US arms sales to Taiwan.
  4. No mediation between Taiwan and China.
  5. No alteration in its stand about the Taiwanese sovereignty, and should not pressurize Taiwan to enter into negotiations with Taiwan.
  6. No formal recognition of Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan.

The Taiwan office in New York also said, “It is also crucial that the US reaffirms its commitment to Taiwan’s security to ensure that we remain a bastion of freedom and democracy in the Indo-Pacific region.”

China’s eye on a forcible reunification with Taiwan has been a bone of contention for several years, and has escalated the tensions not only amongst the countries but has also threatened the security of the entire region.

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