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Most searched word on Bing is ‘Google’, Google boasts

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The most searched term in the search engine Bing is ‘Google’. That is what a lawyer from the same Google claimed this week in a lawsuit against the European Commission. “No one is forced to use Google.”

“We have presented evidence that the most common search query on Bing by far is Google,” said Alfonso Lamadrid, a lawyer for tech company Google, before the European Court of Justice.

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Google is trying to persuade the judges to reverse the record $5 billion fine that Margrethe Vestager handed out in 2018 for abusing its dominant market position, according to the EU commissioner. 

At the time, the European Commission believed that Google was illegally imposing requirements on phone manufacturers who wanted to make their own version of Android but still wanted to offer the Google Play Store app store.

But according to Google, its search engine is simply the most popular. “People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to,” Lamadrid said. “Google’s market share in general search is in line with consumer research showing that 95 percent of users prefer Google over rival search engines.”

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After Vestager’s decision in 2018, Google immediately announced that it would appeal the fine. Nevertheless, with a rule change a year later, the company met the requirements of the Commission. For example, Google allowed companies to make their own versions of the Android operating system without setting up the Google search engine and installing the Chrome browser. That had to be paid for. According to Google, that was necessary because it uses the revenue from advertising to keep Chrome free.

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The European Commission announced that it was up to Google itself to formulate a new policy on Android. The board of the European Union emphasized that Google did not have to ask for money.

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