Sikorsky introduced a high-speed reconnaissance helicopter project

Sikorsky introduced a high-speed reconnaissance helicopter project
Raider-x / Sikorsky

The American company Sikorsky presented the project of a promising high-speed reconnaissance helicopter Raider-X. The company proposed the US Army to the FARA contest, a new machine that is created using the technology of the S-97 Raider prototype.

The FARA contest is held by the US Army as part of a larger FVL tender, which involves the development and production of five types of new aircraft for army aviation: from light reconnaissance and medium strike to heavy transport. According to the results of the competition, the winner will have to create a helicopter capable of flying at least 205 knots (380 kilometers per hour).

In April of this year, the US Army concluded with five companies contracts for the development of projects for high-speed reconnaissance helicopters, which in the future will have to replace the decommissioned OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. The agreements were signed with AVX Aicraft, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Karem Aircraft and Sikorsky. All participants in the competition will have to protect the projects of new helicopters in 2020.

The promising high-speed helicopter Raider-X will be able to reach speeds of more than 205 knots (about 380 kilometers per hour). The device is supposed to be created according to a coaxial scheme with a propeller. The helicopter body will be made “faceted” to reduce its effective dispersion area. The machine will also use other stealth technologies.

The helicopter cockpit will be performed with the pilots landing side by side. Behind the cockpit will be placed a universal compartment in which it will be possible to transport troops or weapons. The promising machine will be 27 percent larger than the prototype high-speed reconnaissance helicopter S-97. Other details about Raider-X are not specified.

In early October of this year, the American company Bell Helicopter presented its project for the Bell 360 Invictus high-speed reconnaissance helicopter. This car will compete in the FARA competition with the development of Sikorsky.

The Bell 360 reconnaissance helicopter will be developed on the basis of the Bell 525 Relentless civil multi-purpose helicopter. From the basic version, the new machine will inherit the “glass” cockpit and fully digital control. The hull of the helicopter will be made using stealth technologies.

Bell 360 will be able to fly at a speed of 180 knots (333.4 kilometers per hour). The car will receive a wing, which at cruising speed will create up to 50 percent of the lift. The helicopter will also receive a tail stabilizer with moving aerodynamic surfaces. The first flight of the helicopter is scheduled for 2022.

Special reporting from Abhijit Roy Chaudhary

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