Video: World’s longest glass bridge opens in China

Video: World's longest glass bridge opens in China
© Photo: YouTube / South China Morning Post

Among the 2,300 glass bridges and steps that are on the Chinese territory, the most recent stands out for its size.

In fact, the new bridge, which passes over the three gorges of Huangchuan (in southern China), is 526 meters long and wide enough for cars to be able to circulate on it.

However, its main function is tourism, which is why it has four viewpoints in its middle, which can support the weight of about 500 people at the same time, according to local media.

It took three years to build it and its cost is around $ 43 million, reports the South China Morning Post.

At the same time, it should be remembered that lately there have been several accidents on Chinese glass bridges, leading to the death of two people. In fact, since 2018, 32 of these attractions have been closed in Hebei province alone.