Apart from the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament, what else is recorded on December 13?

Apart from the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament, what else is recorded on December 13?

The day of December 13 is recorded in history with many big events in the country and abroad. In the morning of December 13, 2001, the dark shadow of terror had reached the threshold of the country’s democracy. Militants used white ambassadors to enter the elegantly erected Parliament House building in the most-regarded area of ​​the country’s capital. These terrorists managed to give security to the guards, but before their steps could pollute the temple of democracy, the security forces piled them.

The day of 13 December is also witnessed by another incident related to terrorism. In 1989, the terrorists kidnapped the daughter of the home minister of the country, Mufti Mohammed Saeed, to release some of their jailed colleagues. The government had released the five terrorists on December 13, accepting the demand of the terrorists.

The sequence of important events recorded on the date of December 13 in the history of the country and the world is as follows: –

1921: Prince of Wales inaugurates Banaras Hindu University.

1921: Four power treaty signed between America, Great Britain, Japan and France during the Washington conference. In this, a provision was made to consult the four countries if there is a dispute between two members on a big question.

1937: The Japanese army captured Nanjing during the war with China and carried out the Nanjing Massacre. More than three lakh Chinese were killed in this.

1961: Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi started his Test career from the match played in Delhi against the England team who visited India.

1989: Five Kashmiri terrorists were released from jail to free the daughter of the country’s first Muslim Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed from the clutches of terrorists.

1995: Hundreds of white and black youths hit the streets after the death of a black man in police custody in Brixton, South London. They vandalized and set shops and cars on fire.

2001: Terrorists targeted the temple of democracy in New Delhi, by breaking into the tight security system of the Indian Parliament.