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Dogs should also buckle up in the car

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Kamal Saini
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Respecting road safety measures are important for drivers and passengers. But we often don’t think our pets need the same protection.

The face of a happy dog ​​peeking out of the window of the car certainly delights the master. But it is also dangerous since any obstacle near the door can hurt the animal and even kill it. Dust, and insects, could get into pet’s ears, nose, eyes, and throat during the ride can also land you at the vet. In addition, the animal might jump out of the vehicle.

Another dangerous situation is that your pet can think of getting between your feet, right where the pedals are.

The American Automobile Association found in a national survey that 84% of Americans have ever driven with their pet in the car. However, only 16% used some security measure to keep it fixed to the seat.

It should also be taken into account that a three-kilo dog can become a projectile with a force of 150 kilograms if it crashes at 50 km / h. So you can end up hurting the people inside the vehicle, highlights The Drive.

Following certain tips can help pet owners drive safer.


A chest harness in the back seat is a great way to hold medium or large dogs in place during travel. It’s a better choice than the typical collar, as the latter can cause whiplash, notes Nissan North America product safety specialist Brandon Sanders, cited by The Drive.

It is necessary to anchor the harness to a fastening strap on the seat belt buckle or on the anchor of the child seat to make it more comfortable.

Cages and carriers

To carry smaller pets on carriers, use your seat belt and secure them to the seat.

Smaller carriers can also be placed on the floor between the two rows so that it does not roll from side to side when turning or braking.

Medium and large pets can travel in a sturdier carrier or cage that is secured to the SUV’s cargo area.

Trunk dividers

If you have a large SUV and usually carry your pet in the trunk, be sure to install a divider behind the last row of the car. This is a great way to keep large dogs isolated while driving.

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