Facebook began testing US news tab to cover the latest and important news

Facebook began testing US news tab to cover the latest and important news
Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Facebook will begin testing in the largest US cities the news service of the day Facebook News. There will be media news taking into account the interests of the user and his place of residence, the company said.

These publications will allow users to keep abreast of the latest and important news, help them better understand what is happening and expand their interests in the field of information, according to Facebook.

This section will include, among other things, small news and news related to certain important topics. A study of 100,000 American users of the social network showed that they lack news about culture, business, sports and medicine. The Facebook News tab combines the daily news selected by a team of journalists, thematic sections, personalized news feeds and subscriptions.

As testing progresses, the experiment will expand throughout the United States. So far, the service is available to only 200,000 users, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources. According to them, agreements on the publication of publications in this tab were concluded with the largest American media, including WSJ, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, USA Today ABC News, NBC News and Fox News. How much it will cost the social network is unclear. WSJ previously wrote that Facebook offers various publications from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million.