A flight attendant suffers seven fractures in one leg due to strong turbulence

A flight attendant suffers seven fractures in one leg due to strong turbulence
Eden Garrity had to remain badly injured seven hours before being hospitalized (The Sun)

The event took place on a Thomas Cook flight between Cuba and Manchester

Strong turbulence on a flight between Cuba and Manchester proved fatal for a stewardess of Thomas Cook. Eden Garrity (27 years old) was pushing the cart with food and drink when the plane plummeted about 150 meters. The manoeuvre caught her completely by surprise, she fell to the ground and suffered up to seven fractures in one leg.

The incident took place two months ago as published by The Sun newspaper, but it is now that the story has been released. Eden Garrity has been unable to move all this time and is confident that the company will compensate her for the damages suffered after Thomas Cook broke.

The captain warned of the turbulence only five seconds before

The plane was going through a strong storm through the Atlantic Ocean when turbulence came. Apparently the captain of the ship warned passengers and crew only five seconds before the incident, insufficient time for the flight attendant to leave the aisle with the cart.

According to the worker’s story to The Sun, the accident affected the fibula, the tibia, the ankle and the foot. She had to endure the pain for more than seven hours until they could land and take her to a hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, as seen in the photo published by the newspaper, remained lying between three seats.