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Mother-daughter duo find a strange looking object at the beach, explodes in the kitchen, turns out to be WWII bomb

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Mother and her daughter were lucky to be alive after a World War II grenade exploded in their kitchen.

People often bring home strange things they find washed ashore on the beach as memorabilia’s, but they never expect it to turn out to be an unexploded WWII bomb.

Mother-daughter duo from the UK got lucky when they came out unscratched from what could have been a life-threatening accident.

Jodi crews and her eight-year-old daughter found an old bone looking structure on the beach, they brought it home to display it in the living room.

“It had strange ridges and looked more like a piece of bone. It wasn’t very heavy and weighed the same as a bag of sugar. I thought it might be an old knee joint. It didn’t feel metallic at all”

the mother said.

Jodi posted photographs of the object on social media asking for help from fossil and archaeology sites to identify it. None of the suggestions said that it could be a grenade.

The object looked like a knee joint bone to Jodi Photo by :South West News Service

After reading some suggestions online, Jodi inserted a pin in the object that’s when things started to go downhill as the object caught fire and turned into a fireball.

Seeing the fire Jodi’s daughter Isabella ran out the back door and screamed for help. Jodi herself grabbed the grenade and threw it in kitchen sink. She then grabbed a wet towel and threw it over the grenade.

“We went into survival mode,” she said.

Neighbours hearing the commosion rushed to help Jodi and her daughter and called the fire Brigade.

The bomb buried itself out in the kitchen sink and filled the house with smoke. One of the Fireman who was at the scene identified the bomb.

“We were unbelievably lucky. It could have been a hundred times worse. All my friends have made me promise not to pick anything up from the beach again”

Jodi said.

The pair stumbled on the explosive while walking the dogs along Sandown beach last Saturday. The bomb could have been washed ashore by recent storms and high tides.

Jodi was told not to use the tap water for drinking purposes as the chemicals from the grenade might have gone up to them.

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