The next update of Windows 10 to the 1909 version (19H2)

The next update of Windows 10 to the 1909 version (19H2)
Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

Although a little late compared to the roadmap announced in recent months by the Redmond group, the 1909 version of Windows 10 is about to arrive. Known to date with the code name 19H2 by those taking part in the Insider program, it will be more similar in terms of novelty and size to a monthly cumulative patch rather than a real major biannual update.

Windows 10, the 1909 version is coming (19H2)

Microsoft is talking about it again today, providing some additional details through the pages of the official blog. Reference is made to a painless distribution method: for those who have already installed the May 2019 Update (1903) it will not even be necessary to interrupt the work and reboot.

As for the new features introduced, they will be a handful. Some will cover the Notification Center area with new options for managing them. It will then be possible to insert events into the calendar directly from the taskbar and the File Explorer Search field will be enhanced by Windows Search technology so that you can immediately find the contents of the OneDrive account connected to Windows 10 in the cloud folders.

From the post we also learn that the 1909 version of the operating system will improve from the point of view of consumption, thus ensuring better autonomy for laptops. It will also take forward steps in the distribution of workloads on the different processor cores, making the most of their architecture to increase performance.

A more substantial update will arrive next year with the debut of the 20H1 release, which has also long been in the hands of Insiders with its multiple preview builds. The 2020 will see Microsoft then introduce Windows 10X, the embodiment of the streamlined platform optimized for execution on dual screen devices like the Surface Neo announced last week, a device that by form factor and features brings to mind the never forgotten concept of Courier.