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Spain signs Greta Thunberg as international advisor to the Office of Climate Change

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Jiya Saini
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Teresa Ribera, the Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain, has achieved what no one in the whole world. According to internal sources of the Ministry, the young activist Greta Thunberg will be from January new international advisor of the Office of Climate Change, the body that directs Valvanera Ulargui.

Thunberg will be in charge of advising Spain on the different future climatic summits as well as the presentation of new documents in high international spheres, from the European Commission to the United Nations, through international organizations from all four continents.

“The objective is none other than Spain to lead the fight against climate change in the world and better than the figure of Greta to achieve it,” said the same sources.

As El Periódico de la Energía has learned, Current Minister Teresa Ribera took advantage of the COP25 celebration in Madrid to ask Thunberg to join the Spanish team and lead the fight against climate change together. Thunberg did not promise her anything during her instance in Madrid, but this last week, Ribera has received the go-ahead from the young activist over a phone call.

This newspaper has tried to contact Thunberg but has not got any statement. For her part, Minister Ribera has been surprised and says that “it is only a special advice.”

From the Spanish environmental sector, there is only praise for this signing of bells.

“Ribera and Thunberg can get a lot of things together and we are very happy about this signing,” Greenpeace Spain sources tell this newspaper. “It is as if you have Messi and Ronaldo in your same team but in something much more important as is the challenge of decarbonization of the planet,” says a spokesman for Ecologists in Action.

The same internal sources of the Ministry assure that Greta Thunberg will receive a salary close to 85,000 per year for this work. “What we don’t know is what she will do with the money if she will donate it to an NGO or set up a new house for her dogs,” they say.

In addition, the Ministry for Ecological Transition will commission Greta Thunberg an electric car for travel to the climate change summits and meetings attended by the young activist from now on. “She will choose the model from a Tesla Model S or a Jaguar i-Pace and will be delivered to her home in Sweden.”

The signing of Thunberg is, without a doubt, an unequivocal sign of the climatic leadership by which the new Spanish Government of Pedro Sánchez bets. Two women, two different generations but the same goal, fight for the future of the planet. 

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