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The best Q4 in history: financial results of Apple’s last fiscal quarter in 2019

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Apple presented the financial results of its fourth and last fiscal quarter of 2019. The figures reported are revenues of $ 64,000 million with a net profit margin of $ 13,686 million. It represents a 2% growth over the same fiscal quarter last year.

This time sales from outside the United States have accounted for 60% of all company revenues. Tim Cook comments in the press release that Apple has published that we are facing the best fiscal fourth quarter in history, mainly boosted by services, wearable accessories and sales of iPad.

The key figures of the results

  • Apple has total cash of $ 205.9 billion, 2% less than the previous quarter.
  • The services division has made record revenues of $ 12.5 billion, with more than 350 million users paying some type of subscription. The revenue of this division in 2020 is expected to double what it had in 2016.
  • The Apple Card has been the best launch of a credit card in history in the United States. Users will be able to finance the purchase of an iPhone at 24 months without interest.
  • Apple Pay grows spectacularly: more than 3,000 million payments in this quarter, surpassing PayPal and growth at a rate four times higher than that rival. There are already more than 6,000 banks that integrate with this service worldwide.
  • The wearables have had “impressive” results. Very good growth of the AirPods, the Apple Watch and the Beats range of headphones.
  • Revenues from iPad sales have grown 17% compared to last year. Good results with a record of tablet users.
  • Tim Cook confirms that the new Mac Pro will be manufactured in Austin, Texas and not in China.
  • Chinese market revenues continue to decline, but as expected. Apple has managed to stop that decline to negative 2.4%.
  • Another decline that has managed to slow from negative 12% to negative 9% is iPhone revenue, which stays at about $33.4 billion. It is still more than half of the total paid by the company this quarter.
  • AppleCare revenue record: it has been its best quarter ever.
  • The revenues of the Mac division are down 5%. There have been issues with launch schedules that may have affected sales.
  • Apple will issue a dividend of $ 0.77 per share to shareholders on November 11.

The most interesting press responses to the event

  • Tim Cook says he is seeing very good signals in the first sales of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, although he does not dare to make predictions about how they will evolve in the long term.
  • Apple’s CEO also comments that the mix of health, communications and exercise benefits brings wearables’ revenue to the record we’ve seen.
  • A fact that Luca Maestri has released and is interesting: if the value of the Chinese yuan had been constant, the income in China will have grown by 1%.
  • Cook has been asked about a possible one-time price for several of his subscriptions, and the executive has not dismissed the idea.
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