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Opinion: Tsunami of hypocrisy in the US: The lives that ‘matter’ and solidarity ‘fake’

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The United States is experiencing a brutal wave of unrest following the death of black citizen George Floyd by the hands of white cop Derek Chauvin. Justice will be responsible for clarifying what happened in a case that has gone around the world and that has left shocking images, both of the last moments of Floyd’s life and of cities and more cities devastated by hordes of unpunished looters.

Be that as it may, we must analyze the reaction that this tragic incident is causing, both in the United States and in the rest of the world, shaken by a tsunami of hypocrisy as unheard of as it is outrageous.

If black lives mattered so much to all those who now tear their histrionics’ clothes and shed tears from alligator addicted to social networks, they would take decades taking over the streets, as the levels of violence in numerous African-American communities are impressive. Suffice it to note that they are the scene of more than half of the murders registered in the United States when blacks are only 13% of the population of the country of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

The problem is that this violence is not exercised by evil white supremacist police officers, but mostly by blacks themselves, authors according to statistics of 95% of these crimes that victimize other blacks. 95%! You have to be very miserable to value lives only depending on who ends them, but this is today a not inconsiderable part of the left and its fools – stupid, rather – useful.

No society is perfect, but presenting the United States of the 21st century as a country sick with hatred of blacks is infamous and ridiculous. It is a country that has just had a black president for eight years. That it has governors, congressmen, mayors, judges, prosecutors, generals, police chiefs; great black businessmen, sports, music, communication and entertainment stars. Can that society really be accused of racism? And from what other society? From the European ones? It must be a grotesque joke. As for the spectacle that countries such as China, Russia or Iran are giving, whose liberticidal rulers and means of intoxication are turning into vicious criticism of the situation of the black community in the United States, it is especially repulsive.

Here and there, the Tartufo exhibited on account of George Floyd’s death are being portrayed for what they are, a bunch of self-centred people who boast exactly what they lack. They are not the best of each house and society, precisely. But examples to avoid, because they corrupt and prostitute even the best causes.

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