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Two teenagers turn their car into an ambulance for koalas

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In the video, which has gone around the world, you can see the car full of exhausted and injured koalas waiting to be transferred to a health care center

A third of ‘Kangaroo Island‘, located off the coast of South Australia, has been razed by forest fires. This island is home to the Flinders Chase National Park, a refuge for unique wildlife such as sea lions, several species of birds, penguins and koalas.

The NASA estimates that 155,000 hectares of the island have been consumed by fire, calling it an “ecological tragedy“.

But, faced with such a catastrophe, two teenagers decided to take action. They took their own car and turned it into an ambulance for koalas. These young men rescued several animals, got them in their car and transferred them to a spotlight that will heal their burns and keep them safe.

In the video, published in Storyful and that has gone viral, you can see several animals inside the vehicle, all of them exhausted and some have burns. There is even a koala with its young piggybacking in the trunk.

“This is our little rescue of Koalas,” explained Micah, 19, and Caleb, 18, the two cousins ​​who spread their heroic action. “We’re just trying to rescue as many live koalas as we can,” they add

The exact number of koalas that these two young people have rescued is unknown, but it is estimated that they are around 20.

“About 60 per cent of the koalas we encountered had been burned, while a fifth of the koalas we saved died on the first day due to their injuries,” the young people explain in their video.

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