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A white beard man like Santa Claus robs the bank and throws money at the people shouting “Merry Christmas!”

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Manish Saini
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According to several witnesses, many of the passersby immediately returned the money to the bank office

A man, with a white beard like Santa Claus, has been arrested in Colorado Springs (United States) after robbing a bank and subsequently throwing the money into the air for people to take from the street while shouting “Merry Christmas!”.

According to some witnesses, cited by LADBible, this peculiar criminal, identified as David Oliver, 65, “Stole the bank, went out and threw the money everywhere” and subsequently went to a cafeteria to wait to be arrested. Interestingly, also according to several witnesses, many of the passers-by who collected the money went immediately to the bank to return it.

Local police have confirmed that this “Santa Claus lover” had been arrested and taken to El Paso County Criminal Justice Center after the bank robbery.

Although Oliver has not been shown to shout “Merry Christmas!”, several eyewitnesses have confirmed the fact. Regarding the money, some of it was immediately returned to the Academy Bank on South Tejon Street, but thousands of dollars are still missing.

An employee of the cafeteria, Starbucks, has confirmed that once the crime was committed and the money was thrown into the air, Oliver sat on the terrace of the establishment without asking for any drinks and without anyone paying too much attention. That’s where the police officers found him, who arrested him without the slightest resistance from the offender.

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