“Women are unquestionably better than men”: Barack Obama

Barack Obama, during a recent event of the foundation that bears his name in Malaysia. (Reuters)

The American ex-president has assured that, during his time in office, he reflected on what the world would be like if it were governed by women

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, extolled the women’s leadership on Monday by ensuring that if women ruled in all countries of the world “they would improve living standards and results.”

Obama has pointed out at an event in Singapore that although women are not perfect they are “unquestionably better” than men, as reported by BBC.

The American ex-president has assured that, during his time in office, he reflected on what the world would be like if it were governed by women. “I am completely sure that if in two years all the nations of the world were governed by women we would see a significant improvement in almost all areas,” he said.

Upon his return to politics, Obama has said he trusts the leaders who step aside when his time has come. “When you look at the world and the problems that exist, most of them are generated by older people, usually men, who have not left the road,” he has moved.

In this regard, he explained that it is important for political leaders to understand that they are not in a “for life” position. “You are not there to maintain your importance or your power,” he added.

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