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MHRA warns People With History of significant ‘allergies’ not to take Pfizers COVID-19 Vaccine

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Two NHS workers with allergies suffer from ‘anaphylactoid reactions’ after receiving their injections on the very first day of the UK’s biggest mass vaccination program

Problems have started hitting UK’s mass COVID-19 vaccine jab program from day one as two unidentified NHS workers with serious allergies fell ill after receiving the vaccine.

Following the incident Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a temporary precautionary warning for people with a history of ‘significant allergic reaction’ from food, medicines or vaccines.

The national medical director for the NHS in England, Professor Stephen Powis, while talking to the media assured that both NHS workers are recovering well.

The number of people who will be unable to take the Pfizer vaccine due to this new development are not known yet, but according to previous NHS data about 7 million people in Britain suffer from serious allergies and 250,000 of them need to carry EpiPen with them.

MHRA is investigating the matter to fully understand the cases and the cause of the reactions, Pfizer/BioNtech are supporting the MHRA in the investigation

Pfizer spokesperson on precautionary warning issued by MHRA.

Yesterday the UK became the first country in the world to roll out a mass Covid -19 vaccine jab programme, the NHS started their ambitious plan of vaccinating the whole population of the county.

The first batch of vaccine is being administered at 70 hospitals to people over 80 years of age, at-risk patients, and frontline workers at hospitals and care home staff.

On day one about 5,000 people were vaccinated, including care at home staff, the elderly, and frontline workers. 80,000 doses are being rolled out this week and the health bosses aim to deliver millions more before Christmas.

While watching people get vaccinated in the Guy’s Hospital Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“It’s a shot in the arm for the entire nation, but we can’t afford to relax now”

The vaccine has brought some relief to the UK’s residence but as the infection rates continue to go up the government is planning to move to ‘Tier Three Restrictions’ in London. Pubs and Restaurants can be shut down again before Christmas as 21 out of 32 boroughs in the capital saw a rise in infection. The Health secretary while pointing to the rising number of cases urged people to continue following the safety measures and stay at home.

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